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Lip blush tattooing is subtle lip tattooing in natural blush tones to help evenly saturate color, give the illusion of fuller lips, as well as define shape. This is a two session process. Lip Blush Tattoos typically lasts 2-3 years, annual refreshers are beneficial to maintain color.

I will create a custom brow fitted for your face and brow hair growth. Results last from 9-18 months, depending on individual circumstances. This is a building process and can take 1-2 touch ups after the original appointment to get full results. Microblading is ideal for filling in density with a natural look.

A fuller brow with a more defined “make-up look” the powder brow mimics the appearance of natural brow make-up. Using a machine, diluted pigments are permanently inserted into the dermal of the skin for a defined soft, shaded shape. This is ideal for clients with oily skin or large pores, or anyone wanting a more bold look.

Both microblading and powder brow techniques are combined to create a higher density, but still natural looking brow. This is ideal for clients that have little to no brow hair, or based off brow style preference. Shading level varies per client and preference.

I like to build up freckles by doing 10-20 per session, we will go over placement and color tones and Shop Site Artists Waiver Application then I will manually place them into your skin with diluted pigment for a soft hazy freckle look.

Nikki Rice is a microblading artist, and she strives to provide nothing but the best for her clients. She is a firm believer in giving a natural brow that is flattering to each individual’s bone structure, facial features, skin tone and type. She prides herself on her professionalism and her customer service. Nikki absolutely loves what she does and knows exactly how important brows are from her own personal experience.

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